Summer Solstice 2009 International Conference
on Discrete Models of Complex Systems
Gdansk, Poland, 22-24 June 2009

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    Please read all this carefully, make a printout, and memorize during the travel

  • Please remember that many "cheap" airlines use the Lech Walesa Gdansk Airport, or the Warsaw Airport.

  • To consult train timetable please go to

  • For additional questions please phone +48585232230 - Workshop Secretary Ms Elzbieta Bandura.

  • If you land at Frederic Chopin Warsaw Airport and want to continue to Gdansk by train, then the best is to take bus 175 from the airport to WARSZAWA CENTRALNA (central railway station). The bus is every 15 minutes and takes you after a 27 minute ride to the station (if you take a taxi, there is a good chance that you will be cheated, always fix the price before the ride). You can buy the bus ticket from the driver. In Gdansk the closest station to the University is GDANSK OLIWA (third station in Gdansk, first GLOWNY, then WRZESZCZ, and then OLIWA). All long distance trains stop in GDANSK OLIWA, so simply alight your express there. From there you can take a taxi to the University Campus Oliwa, or a commuter train to GDANSK PRZYMORZE-UNIWERSYTET (just the first stop form OLIWA, but in the reverse direction with respect to your long distance train). From there you can walk 12 minutes, or so, and you are at the place. Just ask anyone where is the University. All that neighbourhood is covered by the map which is a click away. The taxi stop in GDANSK OLIWA in on the left with respect to the directon of long distance trains coming from Warsaw.

  • If you land at LECH WALESA GDANSK AIRPORT, you may have chance get a lift from us, organizers (thus it is in your interest to inform us about your arrival time precisely). You can also take the taxi recommended by the airport (should be around PLN 50.oo to get to the University Campus Oliwa). Or go by bus, to GDANSK WRZESZCZ railway station and from there take the commuter train to GDANSK PRZYMORZE-UNIWERSYTET (where you alight the train). From there you can walk 12 minutes or so and you are at the place. Just ask anyone where is the University.

  • If you are stranded on Saturday or any other day please go to WYDZIAL MATEMATYKI FIZYKI I INFORMATYKI, Wita Stwosza Street 57, there at the 3rd floor is INSTYTUT FIZYKI TEORETYCZNEJ I ASTROFIZYKI and help is waiting in room 364 or 353, or any other one. Emergency numbers (from within Poland) are 0585232230, 0585232466, 0606102515, don't hesitate to use them. From abroad, and for roaming cellular service, drop 0 and add +48.

  • Please check where is your accomodation (a click away). There you will find the precise address.

  • If you arive at night, better use taxi (better safe than sorry). Watch out for pocket thieves at railway platforms or inside trains (at stations, esp.). In taxis pay only according to the meter - there do not exist ANY additional surchages. If you order a taxi by telephone this usually gives you a reduction not a surcharge.

  • If you want a radio taxi please call 9627, or from cellular roaming service +48 58 966 or +48 601 315 959 or +48 663 869 666.

  • All university Buildings have their names displayed at the walls. They are quite visible. The Workshop will take place in WYDZIAL MATEMATYKI, FIZYKI I INFORMATYKI building. Some of you will stay (guest rooms) in WYDZIAL PRAWA I ADMNISTRACJI building.

  • Public transport is very inexpensive in Poland, so are the trains (1st class Inter-City express Warsaw-Gdansk costs PLN 140.oo).